Hair Innovator of the Year

Bobby Maloy

Voting is over! See you at the awards ceremony on October 13th!

How long have you been in your nominated field?

I have done hair for 2 years, officially licensed in Texas and Washington in 2016.

What professional achievements have you acquired during your years in your field?

In that time, I have been hired to work under Douglas McCoy at House of POp in WA. I was hired as a ‘Senior Hairdresser’ at Smooth Lines Salon in San Antonio,  I have taken on the position of ‘Brand Manager’ for Smooth Lines Salon and I am currently redefining the culture there. I have worked with Gerard Scarpaci (founder of #Hairbrained NYC, the preeminent place for craft hairdressing), Tatum Neil (owner of #ElevateHair), assisted Aaron Johnson (nationally recognized hairdresser, The Factory, Paul Mitchell, Privé). And, have performed onstage along side of the top hairdressers in the US in San Antonio, Austin, and will be onstage at Elevate Hair in Houston on September 18th. 

What do you plan to do with your business to help the San Antonio Fashion Industry grow in a positive way?

The San Antonio fashion industry has so much to offer. I’d like to elevate our culture into the national spotlight. Being fresh/young in the industry, maybe I have a naïveté that helps me ignore the status quo and go after goals that others have long since given up on. My passion is education. Refining your craft is a lifelong pursuit…when it ends, your career does too. I intend to do my part to educate and inspire every hairdresser in San Antonio to try harder, be better, work longer, and achieve greater. 

Voting is over! See you at the awards ceremony on October 13th!