Fashion Artist of the Year

Rebecca Medina for the Angelin De Carlo Team

Voting is over! See you at the awards ceremony on October 13th!

How long have you been in your nominated field?

I have been in the hair and fashion business for 30 years. I come from a long line of very creative and artistic family.

What professional achievements have you acquired during your years in your field?

My achievements along the years have been very blessed to share my talent in many ways. I showcased at benefits to support AIDS awareness two years with the Cornyation. Also  breast cancer with the “hope on the runway” fashion show. Also with the Sunrise House fundraiser to support underprivileged children. Every year we (Mary Alice Medina) and I support Runway en La Calle fashion show which is so much fun and back in the days we would support Art In The Hood at the Blue Star art complex. In the 90’s we would support Earth Day fashion using paper and recycled items. I’ve been in several competitions here and there as a young designer just starting out in this field scared and nervous,  but with years of experience it is a no brainer. It comes to me so easy I feel guilty that I call this work, it’s more like therapy and refreshing to my mind and soul. I also create costumes and headdresses for personal clients and friends. My mind is always thinking of some new creation.

What do you plan to do with your business to help the San Antonio Fashion Industry grow in a positive way?

I hope I can be an inspiration for young and old to be creative with fashion and live like there are no boundaries in life to show how fashion is not just clothes,but a way of expressing how you feel. Someday I myself would love to have a program to teach children how to sew, design, paint, sculpt, etc. I hate to see clothes going in the fashion cemetery. I love to repurpose everything – clothes, furniture, dolls, jewelry and even people need a second chance in life. Remember someones trash can be someone’s Treasure.

Voting is over! See you at the awards ceremony on October 13th!