Makeup Innovator of the Year

Penny Smart

Voting is over! See you at the awards ceremony on October 13th!

How long have you been in your nominated field?

I have been in my nominated field for 27 years. I started in the beauty industry when I was 18 and wanted to utilize my talents as a painter and artist to create beautiful masterpieces/works of art on women’s faces while empowering them with confidence.

What professional achievements have you acquired during your years in your field?

I acquired professional achievements working my way up the corporate ladder working as a sales associate behind a cosmetic counter, then as a Territory Manager for Laura Mercier for 12 years, and now as an Account Executive for Exuviance Skin Care for all of West Texas Ulta doors. I have always continued my passion for makeup and hair working with clients such as Xilalt Hererra Public Relations Manager for Neiman Marcus, Fashion and Runway Shows, Rebecca Minkoff, Eva Longoria’s close family and friends, and had the pleasure of working with Laura Mercier herself. I love my job because it allows me to meet many remarkable individuals and some amazing and extremely talented artists ,who I call my friends, that I have gained knowledge from throughout the years such as Nicole Salas, Molly Farris, Shawn Alvarez, and Jax Roberson.

What do you plan to do with your business to help the San Antonio Fashion Industry grow in a positive way?

High Fashion is a big growing business. It’s sophisticated and women and men of all ages thrive for it. I want to take the education and experience I have gained through the years to make an impact on the next generation to continue the success of the industry. There are many young talented individuals who dream of becoming makeup artists, photographers, Fashion Designers but do not know what to do or where to start. Someone needs to take chance on them. I want to be that person. I have something that I will be working on in the future that will allow everyone to see the talent that is emerging from our youth today. Without the support from my family and friends and the chances that were taken on me, I would not be where I am at today.

Voting is over! See you at the awards ceremony on October 13th!