Retailer of the Year

Michelle Cook of Chic’tique Boutique

Voting is over! See you at the awards ceremony on October 13th!

Nominee Profile

My work for the industry has brought a boutique outside of San Antonio to win the Laredo Morning Times, ‘People’s Choice of Best Boutique in 2014’. I have been featured in articles in various publications such as NSIDE Texas Business. My experience includes writing the style section of Laredo based ‘Cream City Magazine’ for three years and managing a personal fashion blog. I have also been invited to speak in Elementary Schools for Career Day as a Fashion Insider,Writer and Retail Buyer.

Following those ideals and influenced by the increasing digital commerce, Chic’tique was established in 2015. This concept aimed to bring a tech and e-commerce retail presence to San Antonio that offers young professionals and millennials easy access to the latest trends in women’s fashion. Through the city’s program Open Downtown Pop up San Antonio, Chic’tique moved from it’s showroom to open doors to public in a brick and mortar location.

One of the core values is to empower and bring together the growing fashion community of San Antonio. Working in collaborations with like minded individuals by bringing light to local brands, small businesses and creatives has been the fuel for Chic’tique. The plan is to continue to grow along those values, hopefully having a bigger reach for online shoppers through out the country and world wide and in the process create consciousness within our community to support local businesses.

Most importantly, the plans and goals for this e-commerce platform is to communicate with the customer via today’s technological resources such as social media and offer a unique perspective to our hand picked pieces, helping them approach fashion with confidence and in fun light.

Voting is over! See you at the awards ceremony on October 13th!