Best Menswear Designer

Bruno Horwath for Ala Verb Clothing

Voting is over! See you at the awards ceremony on October 13th!

How long have you been in your nominated field?

Ala Verb was founded in 2008.

What professional achievements have you acquired during your years in your field?

Each of our pieces is more than a visual composition, they are an attempt to reflect our and your ideals, in search of the collective dream of progress and the making of history. We are explorers, we are visionaries, we are philanthropists, we are pioneers, we are philosophers, we are rebels without a cause, we are helpless romantics, we are artists, but above all, we are citizens of the universe.

We are an army of dreamers. Join us. Ala Verb was born out of a stroke of inspiration that later would paint the future of a dream. A mission, a philosophy and our appreciation for art, life and philanthropy are the foundations behind Ala Verb Clothing.

What do you plan to do with your business to help the San Antonio Fashion Industry grow in a positive way?

I’m coming from Mexico City and back in Mexico City you get to see a lot of street fashion. I want to be the first here in San Antonio bring the street fashion at this level here and make it happen. I don’t think that being south of the country means we can’t have high quality street fashion. I’m proud to bring this genre to our local fashion industry.

Voting is over! See you at the awards ceremony on October 13th!