Makeup Innovator of the Year

Alicia Guevara

Voting is over! See you at the awards ceremony on October 13th!

How long have you been in your nominated field?

I have been in the beauty industry for over 20 years! Yikes! I started my cosmetology career simultaneously with my modeling/acting career in high school. I was one of Selena Quintanilla’s original models at 15 and was in the perfect environment for beauty mogul inspiration.Selena never put herself in a box. She taught me to go after anything and everything I wanted. She said the worst thing was actually not failing, but not knowing if you could have made it.She has always been my mentor and that voice inside pushing me to go farther. 

What professional achievements have you acquired during your years in your field?

I am always so surprised at where makeup has taken me. From being the makeup director for international tv shows such as Despierta America to having my makeup designs purchased by companies such as SeaWorld. Having my own beauty segment for two years on FOX was a great achievement and allowed me to promote and apprentice many artists. Even though I travel all over for work and have worked with many celebrities, for me personally, one of the greatest professional achievements was being asked to be the makeup/hair director for IADT’s Selena fashion show tribute at La Villita. I was told Suzette and her family were going to be there.It was at a point in my career where I was finding much success and it felt in some small way she sent a sweet message to me. It is funny how sometimes we come full circle. Oh and I wrote a couple of makeup books and was the social media ambassador for DOVE & SUAVE for three years!

What do you plan to do with your business to help the San Antonio Fashion Industry grow in a positive way?

I don’t plan these things, they just organically happen through living with passion. In this industry it is important to inspire. I want people to say if she can, then I can. I work everyday with blinders on. I have basic principles I live by. Work hard. Do unto others you want done to you. I recently opened a fashion boutique inside my salon to venture out of my comfort zone entering a whole different arena of the beauty/fashion industry. We use local designers in our collections and of course my visual talents play a huge role in this new business. All of my beauty related businesses employ those in the industry in one way or another and I always help other artists or business owners whenever I am able. I have apprenticed students of makeup from all over the U.S. and am extremely proud to say many have gone on to be successful artists with their own companies. I think the fashion industry grows in our city when we don’t forget where we have come from and when everyone collectively comes together. Fashion has many moving parts and makeup is just one of them.

Voting is over! See you at the awards ceremony on October 13th!